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Kevin Shows Us His Stuff

Smooth and toned Kevin works his rod poolside, not caring who is looking on. He massages his asshole for all you filthy...2:00

Anton Dickson and Kirk Miller share cock gobbling and butt fucking to get their cum out

Anton gets picked up on the riverside by Kirk while he is book hunting and gets taken back to his room where they kiss, suck...2:00

A Hard Fuck And All Is Forgiven - Matt Brand And Jake Diamante

Matt has been caught texting other boys, but a hard fucking will fix it!10:03

Kalel, Macanao Torres and Sergio Mutty fuck and suck each other

Macanao and Sergio are a couple of young machos sharing a flat, but they are a fucking mess, so they have decided to get a dog...2:00

Dolf Dietrich Gets A Bareback Pounding

MANHOLE by AmericanMuscleHunks is back and this time it's muscle titans and boyfriends Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich....2:00

Kane OFarrell Has A New Fuck Toy

Big boy Lobo decides to take a long piss on an armchair. Kane, a massive masked sex guerrilla is not happy about having his...2:00

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